Centre for Tourism Research and Development (CTRD) at Lucknow (India), is a non-government organization, devoted to the cause of tourism academics and research. As a self-financed institution, it has grown up slowly and steadily over the last 42 years, to create its niche, nationally and internationally. Today, CTRD is recognized for the creation and dissemination of tourism knowledge.

CTRD was established by Prof. Tej Vir Singh in 1976. Having served in the Himalayan Institute at H.N.B. University (Garhwal, Uttrakhand) for over a decade, he took up the self-addressed task of establishing a tourism research centre that could inspire academicians to forge ahead with tourism research in India, largely. Under such encouraging leadership, CTRD embarked on an outreach programme, that included  training, research guidance, consultancy, and tourism programme initiation to several Indian universities, management institutions and colleges. This work continues with growing interest in the subject, professionally and academically. Similar expertise is extended internationally, too.

The Centre with Dr. Singh figures on the research programmes of international bodies such as the International Academy for the Study of Tourism (IAST), the International Geographical Union  (Sustainable Tourism) (IGUST), United Nations Environment Programme, Ford Foundation and Rockefeller, and the Asia Pacific Tourism Association (APTA). The Centre has been recognized by the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) for its contribution to Global Good Practices in Travel & Tourism Human Resource Development.

The Centre publishes standard books in areas of knowledge gap. Of the 15 international titles, Integrated Mountain Development, Towards Appropriate Tourism: The Case of Developing Countries, The Kulu Valley – Impact of Tourism in Mountain Areas, The Himalayan Ecology, Tourism Nature Culture & Economy, Tourism Development in Critical Environments, Tourism in the Destination Community, Studies in Tourism: Key issues for Effective Management, Shades of Green: Eco-Tourism for Sustainability, New Horizons in Tourism: Strange Experiences and Stranger Practices, Critical Debates in Tourism, and Challenges in Tourism Research are noteworthy.

Projects: CTRD is presently engaged in a project on Volunteer Tourism in the Himalayas. The first stage  involving a pilot study has been accomplished. The outcome of this study was a video film that was developed post field trip. A nationwide survey is also being undertaken to understand the principles of Community tourism enterprises. Operating on the principle of small is beautiful, The Centre for Tourism Research & Development is committed to quality research for the larger benefit of human well-being. It calls upon people, with similar conviction, to join them in their endeavour.

The Centre for Tourism Research and Development is adequately equipped with state-of-the-art amenities necessary for the pursuance of scholarly studies. Its rich library is its major strength. The Library receives about 10 internationally acclaimed research journals, numerous reports and, of course, the most recent books.  These publications are also accessible through a computerized cataloguing system available at the Centre.

PublicationsTourism Recreation Research (TRR) is CTRD’s sustained publication (English) having a global circulation. This international journal is focused on research problems in various recreational environments and hence adopts a multidisciplinary approach. TRR is a refereed (peer–reviewed) publication and is published quarterly by Routledge (Taylor and Francis), UK. TRR editorial team is drawn from high profile scholarship from the world scene who actively participate in the Centre’s commitment to research-based information generation and dissemination. With a publication history of 42 years, the journal is well received by educators, students and the industry and is shortlisted for listing in Scopus and abstracted in several renowned reviews, including Emerald Management Reviews (UK).

Tourism Recreation Research (TRR) was honoured with the Golden Page Award 2003 by Emerald Management Reviews, U.K. for ‘Readability of Research’ and exceptional quality of articles.

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